Energy certification 2022: the news to know

With the publication in the Official Gazette of the Legislative Decree, important innovations come into play regarding the energy certification of buildings. Let’s go together to discover this regulatory update.

Energy certification 2021: competences, sanctions and inspection

As everyone well knows, the Energy Performance Certificate, better known simply as APE , must be compulsorily attached to any contract of sale or lease of a real estate, as well as to contracts that establish the transfer of real estate for consideration. The ascertainment and contestation of the violations of the rules that establish all this was up to June 2021 the direct competence of the Ministry for Economic Development. With the new decree, however, they become the responsibility of the regions and autonomous provinces .

The penalties provided for those who do not meet this obligation are also increased. In fact, previously there were penalties ranging from a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 1800 euros. Now, however, the penalties range from a minimum of 1000 to a maximum of 4000 euros .

It should be remembered that since the APE was introduced, an inspection by the professional responsible for its drafting was made mandatory. In fact, only with an inspection will the professional be able to find all the information necessary for the correct compilation of the APE and personally verify the situation of the property in question. The inspection today is not only mandatory. It must also be included directly in the energy certification. In fact, an annotation dedicated to the date of the inspection was introduced. Not only that, the owner of the property must also sign the inspection report and attach it to the documentation. Why were apostille and minutes introduced? To stop the phenomenon, unfortunately rampant today, of compiling the certification by correspondence. Such a certification can never be said to be truthful.

Energy certification 2022: the other innovations envisaged by the new Legislative Decree

The calculation methods also change , to ensure that it is possible to obtain a more realistic picture of the energy situation in our country. Also to ensure that it is possible to obtain a realistic picture, the need to analyze the energy performance of each part of the building that is subjected to changes that could vary the energy class in which the building was initially inserted was introduced. Let’s think, for example, of the installation, improvement or replacement of air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water production systems, without forgetting everything concerning solar panels and home automation.

Finally, it should be remembered that the new Legislative Decree also speaks of the national energy register , in which all the energy performance certificates of the real estate of our country will be inserted, whether they are private or public goods. This is an interesting novelty, which in fact allows you to keep track of the situation and any energy improvements that could be obtained.

Energy certification 2022: rely on a qualified and authorized technician

To obtain the energy certification of your property, it is necessary to rely on a qualified and authorized technician who takes care of the inspection, the preparation of the inspection report, the compilation of all the necessary forms. Today the requirements to become qualified and qualified technicians are more stringent, but it is still a very large number of professionals.

To choose a professional you can rely on, it is now possible to exploit the power of the web. Even directly on a site like Edilnet it is possible to find out which professionals are closest to which to request this service. Furthermore, thanks to this site it is also possible to understand how much the costs for an energy certification are and you will be able to have all the necessary information for free.